WERTSTAHL | Fine Industrialized Electronics. First album ://firewall in 2002. Album "kontrol" in 2009. After online-EP "the bow shock" and "travel beyond the bow shock" 2010, Wertstahl is suspected active. Firewall Red Edition in 2011 | firewall red edition (2011) link to album
AGE2.1 | Ambient Electronic Experimental Avantgarde. Founded in 1995, vast back catalogue, under reconstruction. Comes from C=64/Amiga/Demoscene roots. Online releases coming up. | 514-Misfits (2011) download :: | Post Mortem (1998) download
HORST OFFENSTROM | Rhythmic Ambient Industrial. Hardcore-psychedelic. A rare one-shot experiment, featuring W.A.Mossad (Wertstahl), Rachel Haywire, gaU (Luzibel), deDokter (Wertstahl) and visual artist and singer Alba (aka Soma Addicta).
| Pro Offenstrom (2011 Reissue) link to album
BAVERNLYCHT | Guitar based experimental electronics. German vocals. Caution: strong language. Founded in 1992 with several albums which were only available as a download for short time. Topics: satanism, murder and madness. Discontinued.
| Apkesaekt Prerelease download
DAS NEUE UNIVERSUM | Starting as avantgarde experimental ambient project in 1992, DNU eventually became a collaborative art project. Few live shows in Berlin, Germany, mostly in a hacker-related context. They developed their "Psilektro"-Style, then the project paused. | Konzentration (1998 Remaster) link to mp3s
Find interesting stuff and videos from our productions here.

It's more fun to compute.

"It's more fun to compute" a monumental track, both musically and contentual, by electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, which i loved as a teenager - and i still do. I really feel sad for people who haven't had the chance to see what powerful tool a computer can be.

After a brief period of developing games on the Commodore C64, i switched over to the Amiga 500, fascinated with the graphics and digital audio possibilities. In 1995 i made graphics my job as a photoshop operator. Since 1997 i am a fellow media designer, on duty for brands such as NIVEA, ALLIANZ, STEINBERG, STERN, GEO, MERCEDES BENZ, JFA, EISELE and many more. My dayjob allowed me to explore the depths of digital audio design until i eventually specialized in FL Studio, Cubase and various other audio editing tools. Since my start in 1989 i have become an experienced digital audio engineer and sophisticated producer. I consider myself a disciple of the Sound of Motown, Krautrock, Klingklang, Daniel Bressanutti and Trent Reznor.

BCAD - Battlecommand Audio Design was founded in 1998 as a roof for my various musical, visual art and internet-related projects. Besides of my own projects, i soon started to write songs, program scores and mix sound for friends. The most successful of these projects might be Tyske Ludder from Nordenham, Germany, which i worked for since their comeback album in 2006. I co-produced their two following albums in 2009 (Anonymous) and 2011 (Diaspora) writing and editing most of the tracks and lyrics. I also remixed for the band, when i briefly joined as a full member from spring 2010 to summer 2012. I left to pursue my own productions.

What started as a careful revisit to assembler coding during Christmas 2010, turned out to become one of the most intense experiences of my life. Over the course of one and a half years, i wrote my first real Commodore C=64 Demo in 6510 Assembler. I nearly lost my mind over it, but finally, with the help of very friendly people, it got finished and released during Revision 2012 in Saarbrucken. I also had the opportunity to fully re-enter the Demoscene and join a well known Group.
The impact of this experience was so strong that i ultimately decided to quit my long time job as a media-designer and turned back to programming, from now on in a professional manner.

If you want to work with BCAD to - produce your band (sound, mixing, lyrics, vocal mix, sfx, mastering) - produce your mobile-phone or other memory-critical gear's soundtrack/sounddesign - remaster or rework your musical back cataloge - remix songs for your band - create your album artwork - make your album artwork press ready - need software usability advice, feature input or just some lines of code - simply send an email!

Sebastian I. Hartmann,
THE PENTAGON FORUM, created in 2001, and since then continuously developed to our best needs is actually one of the oldest mixtures of blog, forum and guestbook we know. It is operative, but rarely visited. Still, stuff spawns there.

Combatlinkk Founded in 1990. College-time EBM project. Discontinued.

Pilzfeld Records Also founded in 1992 was ended in 2002, and the entire catalogue was merged with the archives of BACD. However, at kNort's place you find the very last PFR release.

THE BACKYARD is a pearl script by, which i keep functional since 2002. And there is some funny stuff inside.

And ofcourse check out deDokter at for whatever he has going on!

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